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Courtesy Info for Our Tenants

There is a lot of information online, especially on the Service Alberta governmental website to detail the many issues that pertain to rental agreements, rights and obligations in Alberta.

See listed below links to a few important documents (on safe government sites) - which you are probably familiar with. Some of the regulations change every once in a while, so if you haven’t checked over the years, here are some useful links that can help:

The Alberta Residential Tenancies Act (a local copy of - as of February 1, 2012)

Privacy & Landlord{Frequently Asked Questions (a local copy of)

Service Alberta, Consumer Tips for Tenants

Security Deposit Interest Rate Regulation

Consumer Tip - Information for Tenants (a local copy of)

Varsity Villa Bylaws Restrict the Age of Tenants to 25+

Please remember the age restriction when having visitors younger than 25 or when adding someone to your lease.








Check online...

Look for these documents on the Service Alberta website. Choose a phrase in the file and use in a Google search.